Trusted Reporting of Un-Just-ness - wrongful rules of law, created, and or endorsed, by congressional conspiracy

4/20/2017 -

Congressional Conspiracy to kill us all by forced vaccination first our children then adults, after stealing our homes

If you think the congressional conspiracy, promoting adjustable mortgages, that created the housing bubble for the crash to take your home was an assault and battery on the public, learn:,

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Unjustness is about:

Wrong laws with an political agenda of injustice, unfairness, dirtiness, and foulness, unfairly for their own group advantage. Object is to affront, and oppress a particular group, with a raw deal, to cause injury and inequity, by insult, offense, put-down, slur, slander, to belittle, damage and or kill. Creator and supporters of unjustness - Examples: Clinton cartel of criminals, Democrat party of slavery,  “lawlessness and disorder.” Roe vs Wade Supreme court decision, to uphold, allow, and fund, the murder of innocent unborn children, with tax payers money. Supreme court decision to affirm and uphold the affirmative action law that oppress, the U.S. white male.

All men were created equal, so end the affirmative action law

Congress, senate, and executive branch, must now with hold money, keeping it away from all cities, and states, especially, of who are sanctuary cities, and keep all monies tied to bills ending the evil prejudiced affirmative action law, process of any governmental agency direct and or, through contract, with private business, for any reason, especially to rebuild our infrastructure, highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, schools, hospitals, that even now, gives special rights of hiring or advancement to ethnic minorities, other than white man the real current minority. This law and its use, is now an unacceptable practice of law, has reached a unacceptable level at, and since, the height of the cold war, the largest techno, defense building, research, and development money spending, pork belly pumping of money into the economy, period of planet earth history. this period of our nation, was built on the back of white man, against white man, at the expense of white man, and must end in the first 100 days of the new president Donald J Trump republican administration.

2/1/2017 -

Congressional conspiracy CDC FRAUD

United States will see 1 in 25 children with autism by year end, up from 1 in 45 last reports. Congress wil order subpoena of Dr. William Thomson investigate the CDC MMR vaccine study FRAUD

Repeal the congressional conspiracy 1996 National childhood Vaccine Injury Act enact emergency legislation to hold liable vaccine manufacturers for all injury, or injuries, caused by the vaccines.
Executive order is needed to make single measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines be made available to the public immediately. That all vaccines be reclassified as all other pharmaceutical drugs and tested accordingly.  Watch:

1/28/2017 -

World press understand executive orders -
The New United States President Mr. Donald J Trump executive orders, including executive immigration orders, signed or to be signed, into law causing a travel freeze, are National security emergency measures required, at the fault of ejected x president Barrack Obama his failed for America, political anti American party, and the anti American main stream media who support them, not only because the past careless open boarder policies, but actions that have caused national and world, destabilization, by Obama and his party, poor national and international dealings, that have also caused a dangerous, vacuum of government, left from democrat appointees, staff members and hires, resigning or fired, or who are remaining so brain washed, they cannot be trusted. So causing requirements for the whole government swamp, to be drained, including them who may not, vetted visa applicants properly.

Blame the radical, anti American, flag burning, left wing democrats, and main stream media, promoting riots, acting in an anti American, anti christian, home bread commie, cream puff, fashion, and government they left, who have been causing, national and world destabilization, causing the threats to national security, forcing these emergency executive order actions.

The wall -

The wall will be built with American Steel, with American workers, on the American southern boarder, and will be paid for, with a forced additional $10.00 per person, $200.00 max per truck $2.00 per running foot of trailers, or box, at boarder crossing, drug, and contraband inspection crossing fee. Plus the 20% import tax on all imports mentioned below. We now know Mexico threats and or plans to allow drugs cross the boarder as a national policy, ends all reasonable rational, negotiations.

The billions we have given Mexico over the decades, to stop the crime, drugs, and boarder violators, have done little effect, so now watch what America must do!

Import tax -

Since nothing much of low quality, or even in many cases now high quality, is made in America any more, the unfair, trade unbalance, many counties have benefited from for too long, we the people will put an at least 20% - 35% import tax on all good coming from such countries.

November 24 year of our Lord 2016 - Thanks to God Giving all -

This Thanks giving day 2016, We Give Thanks to God -
We the mostly silent, and forgotten, people, solid back bone, of the United States Of America, give all glory, and all thanks to our Dear, Lord God, for all things, great blessings, of family, health, friends, and great harvests of plenty, he has given us.

Now by returning a majority of seats in the House Of Congress, and Senate, to the Republican party with President Elect Donald J Trump, let the following be known.

We the people, some times called, wild cards, non commented voters, or independents, know US, we are really, the people, of God, who shine the light, directing the path, into the future.

Like the necessary evil bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, - Near defeat and after all else had failed -
We the people, as our many issues were rejected and or scorned so harshly by the Republican party, at a more than great cost, we turned the rains of power over to the evil Clinton Cartel, democrats, and as they failed to pass even the simplest of our bills, the affordable, health care for the forgotten little American man or woman, general non pork barrel, working general public like the farmer, pastor, waitress, gas station attendant, hardware and department store clerk, deserves at the very least, as good of health insurance as every city, State, or Federal employee, defense contractor, and sub contractors.

We allowed the rains of power to be passed again to the evil democrat party, at even a greater cost, to an mostly unknown Black man, democrat Senator Barack Obama into to the White house, with a majority of Democrats. Upon on his second term, he at last, and at least, was able to finally, pass a poor, but starting point, health care system that was all inclusive, and signed into law.

The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away -
What the people demand the government giveth, the government dare not taketh away.

Now we pass the rains of power to Donald J Trump leading a majority Congress and Senate mandate:
1. keeping preexisting conditions persons coverage with improved, and even more affordable health care insurance program for all Americans into the future, payed for by dropping, ridiculous, wasteful, pork barrel, non essential programs, and expenditures, of the swamp.

2. Appointing Supreme Court Justices who will protect the unborn, find and reject, affirmative action law against white men, as unnecessary today, and Unconstitutional.

3. Stimulate the U.S. economy with with out, and by ousting the affirmative action law, infrastructure spending bills, that include hiring all American even white men, and tied to all moneys, defending Flag of the Untied States Of America, The Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of United States Of America in every class room in every county, town, city, and State, who receive one U.S. dollar or more. Rejecting and stopping any and all of The rebel, Sanctuary Cities Of America with all monies.

4. Lower small business, large business, and personal income tax.
5. Remove death tax retro active 25 years.

6. Deregulate small and large business. Bring off shore money home.

7. Dump nafta, tarrif all imports 30%. Penalize all companies who leave our country taking any jobs and or tax money.

8. Secure our boarders, build the wall with regular army divisions out posts and patrols, asap, and order with force deport the criminals and felons day one.

9. Offer undocumented illegals, a $50 bill a free ride to the boarder, with a day back pack of food snacks, and a preferred person, certified and numbered, seeking legal status alien, place in line for a new visa application.  

To learn more, see this website editors early history fighting for U.S. 1969, google:  Free education law Paulson v. Minidoka County School District No. 331, 463 P.2d 935 (Idaho 1970


Mr. President Donald J Trump 1/20/2017 at least the Best Inaugural Address to the nation since FDR, possibly ever. America first!

The nationist speech long over due to America with heart felt good intentions for the forgotten Americans, by more than 40 years, the time it has taken God to uplift a worthy man to the position to deliver. Hope for a nation that has been in a decaying state of hopeless, of horrable carnage, until his movement grew to win the white house for great change, we are about to enjoy.
We now watch in joy the crooked mainstream media, aimlessly searching in melt down mode of confusion, of how to criticize our new Presidents inaugural speech, and the forgotten Americans they hate so much. Donald J Trump is a God send just in the nick of time to put down and slay the evil party, and their mainstream media like he has done. with crazy  little tweets, that seem to just blow the tops of the heads off the enemy, spattering mainstream media brains all over the air ways, LOL, LMAO every day since election night results started coming in, delivering the most joy of watching of any thing ever, on the television since its creation, the melt down of the evil, maggot, media retards the funniest thing we have ever seen in our life time. Thank God he has blessed our nations next 100 days, next 8 years, and decades more to come, with much joy! Keep it up Mr. President Donald J Trump !

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